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Summer Enrichment

In addition to our one-on-one tutoring in all core subjects and standardized test preparation during the school year, Rice Tutors offers students summer enrichment in several areas.  Our years of experience tutoring students have taught us that students most often have trouble in the below areas.  

These classes are conducted in small groups (maximum of five students per class), which allow for individualized attention while addressing the needs of the group as a whole.  Taking advantage of the summer to address these issues is the best strategy, because during the school year those difficulties are only exacerbated by demanding classes and extra-curricular activities.  Summertime is frequently the only time a student can focus enough attention on these areas to make significant progress, whether filling gaps in knowledge or preparing for college applications.

We are always expanding our offerings, so please ask if you are looking for a course not listed below.

Algebra: Strengthening Foundations

For students who want stronger algebra I skills or who will be taking algebra I next school year.  Algebra is the foundation for all future math classes; students who do not establish a strong foundation in algebra I will likely have long-term problems in math.  Our upper-level math tutors in pre-calculus and calculus cite weak algebra skills as the main source of difficulty their students have.

Writing Workshop: Developing Strong Writing Skills

Ideal for students wanting to improve their writing skills.  Practicing all steps in the writing process from brainstorming, researching, and outlining to drafting, revising, and following proper formatting.  Will complete several practice essays.

College Application Essay Writing

One of our more popular summer offerings, college application essays are best completed in the summer when they can receive the attention they deserve.  Waiting until they are due in late December, the same time everyone stresses over semester exams, often results in hurriedly-written essays or neglected schoolwork.

Spanish: Building Fundamentals

For students who have had exposure to Spanish and who need a review of the basics.  Ideal for students entering Spanish I and those who have taken but not retained much from Spanish I.  Most Spanish classes in school are not engaging, making it easy for students to do well enough with little effort for a while—until they become overwhelmed by the amount of “missing” information they are expected to know, and their grades begin to drop. 

Spanish Conversation

For students who have a solid grasp of the fundamentals and are looking for the opportunity to expand their conversational skills, as well as grammar and vocabulary.  These small group courses provide a comfortable environment for students to feel safe practicing their Spanish skills.  They are a great confidence-builder for all students, particularly those thinking of traveling abroad with a summer program or family trip.


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