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The Best Tutors in Houston

All of our tutors have excellent communication skills, are great at relating information to students, and, of course, are strong in the subjects they tutor. We offer Subject Tutors and Test Prep Tutors. Tutors with additional education and additional tutoring experience are Advanced Subject Tutors and Advanced Test Prep Tutors.

Our Tutors:

  • Are results-oriented
  • Are college graduates or are in school pursuing their degrees; most possess or are currently pursuing graduate degrees
  • Come to us with years of teaching/tutoring experience and/or are trained to get results; some are certified classroom teachers
  • Are academically successful themselves
  • Have high GPAs; they must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0, but the average GPA of our tutors is much higher
  • Are native English-speakers or speak English with the fluency of a native speaker

Two Types of Tutors

Subject Tutors are either strong in one particular subject area, such as math or English, or are able to tutor multiple subjects. Those who are capable of tutoring all core subjects (math, science, English, history, and a foreign language) are best suited for students who need help in multiple subjects or families with multiple children who need tutoring support. Advanced Subject Tutors have additional education and additional tutoring experience.

Test Prep Tutors are trained to provide an individualized approach for each student. Test Prep Tutors help students boost their scores by focusing primarily on weaker sections, while still spending some time on stronger sections. This approach typically yields higher scores in all sections. Test Prep Tutors may focus only on verbal or math, though some tutor all sections of the test. Advanced Test Prep Tutors have additional education and additional tutoring experience.

Tutor Training
Before meeting with students, our tutors undergo training. Topics covered include how to make a student feel comfortable, how to approach assignments, and how to present the same piece of information in a variety of ways, depending upon students' learning styles. The training also addresses how to work with students who have learning challenges and those with low motivation. In addition to the principal training, tutors attend trainings at regular intervals to continue improving their skills. Experts in our offices are available to counsel tutors through any challenges that may arise.

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